Original "Rockin' Since '47" Tweed Gig Bag - Doubleneck

Original "Rockin' Since '47" Tweed Gig Bag - Doubleneck


This product is SOLD OUT and has been discontinued at this time. We do not currently have any information as to whether it will be available again in the future, but we will keep our fingers crossed!

This original "Rockin' Since '47" Tweed Gig Bag fits the Danelectro 12/6 and Bari/6 Doubleneck. This awesome gig bag provides superior protection for your guitar!

  • MINT condition

  • High quality, heavily padded, "anti-rip" panels protect the bag itself from headstock and body hardware

  • Three front zippered accessory pouches

  • Velcro closure handle plus removable backpack-style shoulder straps

  • Shipped from USA

  • Shipping & Returns information HERE

sold out
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