THE '66

THE '66


Insanely great reproduction of the 1966 classic. Single coil neck pickup with Lipstick Humbucking pickup pair in bridge. Coil tap switch. German carved top. Bound body with F hole. Just a cool guitar in every way, this represents another departure from Danelectro’s typical architecture and materials. This guitar pays homage to Mosrite’s signature “Ventures” guitar (introduced in 1963) and the guitars produced during the “golden age” of another California guitar company, Rickenbacker.

Mosrite (Bakersfield, CA) was a musical instrument/amplification company started in the late 50’s by player and builder Semie Mosely. Mosely’s instruments were at first custom “one-offs” built for some of country music's finest pickers, notably the great Joe Maphis. Mosely’s company really took off when, in ‘63, he rebranded his own futuristic Mark I model as the signature “Ventures” model for Tacoma Washington’s instrumental guitar group The Ventures, who were enjoying immense popularity with their songs “Walk, Don’t Run” and “Theme to Hawaii 5-0”. Down the road, this guitar would be redesigned with a slab body and relabeled the Ventures II guitar, which would, in the right hands, produce some of punk rock's seminal songs by a band called The Ramones. This is where our ‘66 Classic gets its stunning outline, reverse slanted neck pickup, pickguard and control layout.

George Beauchamp’s Rickenbacker company of Santa Ana, CA hired a German national by the name of Roger Rossmeisl some point around ‘54. Rossmeisl designed the most enduring of Rickenbacker’s offerings, and many of his guitars employed both the “German carve” top and the semi hollow design we see here on our ‘66 Classic!

Danelectro’s mainstay Lipstick tube pickups are employed here as well, but configured in a high output Humbucking configuration. That, in conjunction with a rock solid combination bridge tailpiece (similar to Leo Quan’s ‘Badass’ bridge) gives you a guitar ready to ROCK.

This guitar is a great choice for someone looking for a departure from the “Fender/Gibson” guitar, but with a sense of history as well. Get your hands on a wicked cool guitar, that will have your friends going “Ooh! What’s that!?!”. Own the tone! The Danelectro ‘66 Classic! 

  • Reversed double cutaway offset horn shape

  • Semi-hollow body with center block

  • Scale length: 24.5″

  • Number of frets: 22 (zero fret at nut position)

  • Fully adjustable wraparound bridge

  • 1 dual humbucking Lipstick bridge pickup

  • 1 vintage style large housing single coil neck pickup

  • 1 master volume

  • 1 master tone (with push pull switch to split bridge pickup)

  • 3 way pickup switch

  • Made in Korea - fabulous build quality

  • Available in 3-Tone Sunburst, Transparent Red, Black, Transparent Orange

  • Hear it! Scroll down for audio courtesy of Danelectro

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