Self-Adhesive Body Binding Tape (DISCONTINUED)

Self-Adhesive Body Binding Tape (DISCONTINUED)


This product is SOLD OUT and has been discontinued at this time. We do not currently have any information as to whether it will be available again in the future, but we will keep our fingers crossed!

Self-Adhesive Body Binding Tape

  • Cream color with factory applied stain for vintage effect

  • Width: 1-1/4" x Length: 63" (we recommend that you measure your guitar before ordering)

  • For easiest application, remove neck and strap buttons from instrument - see below for detailed instruction

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  • Remove the neck and strap buttons.
  • After removing the old side trim, you may need to remove the old glue using mineral sprits.
  • Remove any mineral spirits residue with alcohol. Give the side area a good cleaning. Allow to dry completely.
  • Start at the bottom strap button hole area and slowly apply the tape by pressing it down firmly with a small cloth as you work your way around the guitar. Peel off the backing about a foot at a time as you do this. 
  • It’s important not stretch the tape as you apply it, as this will cause lifting or bubbling later. Simply allow the tape to fall onto the guitar naturally without pulling it.
  • After you’ve made your way all around the guitar, you can overlap the tape slightly from where you began and then cut it with a very sharp razor knife. You will also need to use the razor knife at the neck pocket area, etc.
  • After completed, re-press the tape down especially at the guitar cutaway areas, as this is where the tape is most prone to bubbling.